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Maintenance issue

Emergency Repairs:

Outside normal office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) where the problem is an emergency and can not wait until the office reopens, please call 0131 538 9991 and call the emergency mobile number given on the answering machine message.

Gas Emergency (if you smell gas whether inside or outside office hours)

Call Transco on 0800 111 999

Burst pipes and major leaks (in the property)

Turn OFF the water at the mains stop cock, put a bucket or container under the leak to attempt to minimise further damage and report to office during office hours, if you cannot turn off the water and the leak is likely to cause damage then please call 0131 538 9991 (during office hours) or the emergency mobile number (outside office hours)

Leaks from a neighbouring property

Tenants should contact the neighbour and ensure the neighbour switches off the water and calls their own plumber, if contact cannot be made with the neighbour the tenant should contact the Council on 0131 200 2000 who will arrange for the Police to force entry to stop the leak. The leak should then be reported to the office (during office hours) so an inspection can be arranged to survey any damage.


This should be reported to the local Police station immediately, the attending officers will establish whether the property is secure for the time being, if a joiner / glazier is required please call 0131 538 9991 (during office hours), if there is a serious concern for the security of the property then call the emergency number (outside office hours) You will be asked to provide the Crime Incident Number given by the Police, in both cases.

No heating or hot water

Please call 0131 538 9991 (during office hours) or the emergency number (out with office hours) preferably between 9am-11am to hopefully enable us to have an engineer call that same day, or before 4pm, if possible, to hopefully enable us to arrange for an engineer to be out the following morning and to allow us to provide emergency heating in the meantime.

Non-Emergency Repairs:

Non-emergency but urgent issues should be reported to the office (during office hours) on 0131 538 9991 preferably between 9am and 11am, this will hopefully assist us to ensure the problem is dealt with as efficiently as possible.

Please note that in all but 'emergency' cases the landlords permission must be sought for repairs and replacements and while we will endeavour to resolve the problem as soon as possible it is not always possible to have the matter attended to right away.

In addition, we use external contractors and as such once the landlord has given the go-ahead we will arrange for the contractor to call the tenant directly to organise the works but ultimately we can not guarantee how quickly the works can be carried out.

As a general rule we will try our best to meet the following targets:

- Emergency repair-the same day
- Urgent repair-within 3 working days
- Semi-urgent-repairs (which may deteriorate if not attended to) within 7 days
- Non-urgent repairs(decorative / cosmetic type issues) within 6 weeks

If contact can not be made with tenant, a voicemail will be left asking tenant to call contractor back, if the tenant fails to do so then the call will be cancelled. If access cannot be gained at a pre-arranged time then the call will be cancelled. Please contact the office or the contractor directly after a reasonable timeframe if someone has not arrived at a pre-arranged time.

Tenant Responsibilities

Maintenance issues are not always the responsibility of the landlord. Tenants should take proper care of the property as if it were their own.

Examples of these repairs are as follows (this list is not exhaustive, basic common sense should be exercised when reporting maintenance issues)

-Door locks / lost keys-it is the tenant's responsibility to ensure the security of the property, if the tenant loses their key's they should arrange to have the locks changed and ensure that this is reported to the office and a key is handed in to the office. During working hours for a small deposit the tenant can come to the office and take the office set to be copied. If a door lock / door or window is forced to gain entry the tenant is responsible for this repair. We will not deliver keys to tenants whether inside or outside office hours.

-Washing machines / dishwashers: Filters should be cleaned regularly, appliances should never be overloaded and alien items such as coins should never be loaded into the appliance.

-Light bulbs / smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors: These must be changed by the tenants and left in working order on checkout unless we were previously told of defective items within 3 days of moving in.

-Fuses: As with light bulbs, these are the tenant's responsibility to replace. These should be checked in the event of any electricity failure before requesting an electrician be sent.

-Blocked sinks / drains: Never put foodstuffs, fats or hygiene products down sinks, drains or toilets. In the event of a blockage please attempt to clear this using a plunger or a recognised sink and drain unblocker.

-Mould (particularly in the bathroom): This is usually due to poor ventilation and lack of heat. Tenants must keep the property free from condensation, open windows and doors as necessary, use extractor fans if fitted and keep the temperature in the property to a minimum of 15c. If using a tumble dryer the ventilation hose must be correctly fitted to an outlet or at least positioned out of the window.

-Pilot lights / re-setting boiler: Always read the instructions, usually located on the inside panel, on how to re-light or reset before contacting us.

-Toilet seat: If it becomes loose you must tighten the screws before they break.

Cupboard doors / handles / curtain poles / catches and hinges: unless reported to us within 3 day's of moving in it is the tenant's responsibility to re-fix, replace or tighten these items.

-Vermin Control: It is up to the tenant to ensure the premises are kept clean and clear from leftover foodstuff and rubbish, otherwise mice, particularly in the autumn will enter the property in search of food and warmth. Try to block up any access holes and set some humane traps.

Carpets, mattresses and soft furnishings are generally steam cleaned before a new tenancy starts so if you do not have pets then flea's and 'bedbugs' are a highly unlikely occurrence we will only be liable for any such infestation if they are reported within 3 days of entry to the property. If we do send Pest Control to sort out an infestation we will seek advice from them whether the problem is due to tenant negligence and charge accordingly.

-Television aerials, telephone and internet connections - we do not take any responsibility for problems arising from these items.

Gas / electricity meters and billing: it is the tenant's responsibility to set up and manage their own accounts.

Stair cleaning / window cleaning / gardens: tenants are responsible for maintaining gardens, keeping windows clean and contributing to the costs of the upkeep of communal area's unless there is a factoring company looking after the block. However tenants should be aware that smoking in the communal areas is expressly forbidden, doors should always be closed securely and rubbish should not be left lying. Any costs incurred due to any of these points will be charged to the tenant.

As a tenant, you will be liable for the costs of repairing any of the above if it is deemed to be your fault.